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Vacationing Shi-Poo

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Have you ever had trouble taking your canine child on vacation with the rest of
the family?  If so I have listed here a web site that I have found to be the best
list of places nationwide that allow our canine babies to go with us.
~Afterall, they deserve rest and relaxation just like everyone else~

Folks!  Vacationing with Phoebe was GREAT!
Even my husband (who use to not be a dog lover) said Phoebe was the best!
She never complained one bit..Slept most of the way there(5 hrs)
She didn't bark when we left her in her crate in the car or in the hotel.
I do NOT recommend leaving your pet in the car unless it be for short visits
and temperature allows for her to be comfortable and crack your windows.
And be sure to give them treats when you get back!!!
(we had to leave her in the car when we went to eat, and some places we visited didn't allow pets)
Can you imagine that? Although they did allow people who smoked .
(I hope not to insult those that do but I use to be one and think now that it is a nasty death-wishing habit)
I highly recommend that you take baby wipes or doggie wipes,(pine sap etc can get on their feet)
and keep fresh water for them(we used a water bottle and kept a small bowl in the car for her
to drink from when we stopped. Be careful of cigarette butts,Phoebe kept coming across
them wherever we stopped and she thought it was something to chew on!!
We are looking forward to our next trip and know that it will be just as enjoyable as this one!
Phoebe getting a drink of mountain stream water.
Queen of the Mountain
Phoebe and my daughter sharing a pillow
Phoebe loves being up high! But didn't like the Brrrr Cold!

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