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Phoebe-A Shi-poo's Life

Newest info at top!!

I have tried to document everything that I could think of that will help present and future owners of this
 loving,playful and sometimes willful mixed breed dog.
 Our experiences with Phoebe will hopefully be of use to someone out there..

Phoebe wanted me to add her favorite treats.
She highly recommends them.Can be found at Petsmart.

September 2002
Well, I have finally gotten around to updating this page!
Boy! Do I have news for all!!!
Phoebe just went to see her doctor and she now weighs 9 1/2 lbs.
She is 14 months old.
Phoebe kept scratching and biting her hair off'
 so we tried Bitter Apple Spray, keeping her hair
short, oatmeal baths, etc.
Well how surprised we were when her vet said she has allergies!!!
She now takes a small yellow pill twice a day and he recommended washing
her off at least every other day.
AND.....we had to put her on venison meat with potatoes and carrots in it.
She has food allergies.
No beef,chicken,soy,milk, or egg products.
She eats small raw baby carrots as her treats or unbuttered and unsalted popcorn!
She is allergic to most grasses, dust and pollen.
Hence, the regular bathing and wiping of her feet when she comes in.
Luckily, she does not like to go out except to do her business.
Unless we take her for a walk on concrete she doesn't get out much.
Her Vet said we may see a change in allergies as the weather cools off and may not
need to give her the meds until spring.
Outside of these few minor annoyances Phoebe is enjoying life with us
and we have been blessed to have her become part of our family!
However, she does seem lonely and if any of our readers know of anyone
in the state of Georgia who has a male Shih-Tzu we would love to have Phoebe
meet him, and perhaps Phoebe will have a beautiful daughter that can become
part of our family too. I am not interested in the breeding aspect but we have
decided that we would rather Phoebe mother our next addition.
Thanks, please think of us!

February 19,2002
How I fix Phoebe's hair- I keep the mustache trimmed away from her eyes.
I cut the hair above her nose and between her eyes very short almost shaved.
And I part the hair on the forehead and back!
When I wash her I also blow dry her and keep the hair on her head parted while drying.
The rest of her hair I don't cut, not any more, I just brush her at least every other day.
Hope this will help some!
4th Month-Nov 19,2001
Just took Phoebe to the vet, she weights 6.7 lbs.!!!
He said that it would probably be her biggest weight jump.
Let's hope so!
Phoebe got her first haircut! (See photos)
We're hoping that it will help to thicken up her hair somewhat,
I am planning on not cutting it again, we weren't having a problem
with tangles etc,but we were told that cutting it would thicken her
hair.  I hope we were told right because I don't like her new do!
Still haven't had any accidents! And Phoebe still uses the bell
on the door to let us know when she has to go outside.
I do not let her go outside by herself though because she seems to get
so distracted by noises and grass and bugs that she would still rather play
first potty later.  So one of us always stays out there with her and
then we immediately bring her back in, then she heads for the counter
where we keep her treats and sits and waits for them.
She loves to play tug-of-war with one of her toys.
She now understands the concept of bringing her toy to us and we'll play with her.
She has begun to sleep right next to me and as close to my face as I
will let her.  So for some reason she feels more secure there,perhaps
as she is getting older she knows that she is safer when she is closer,
or maybe the colder weather has brought this change in her,
She loves to go riding in the car and behaves so well that she
gets to go quite frequently
We also take her to Petsmart and let her do her own shopping.
Which she loves..I think because she gets free snacks when she visits.

3rd Month-Oct 16,2001
Phoebe is growing very nicely and her exuberance is as well!!!
When I first brought her home she was sleeping quietly in the bed with me..
well...that didn't last long. She wanted to explore and I was afraid that she would fall off
the bed and hurt herself or have an accident on the floor.
So with much separation anxiety I was forced to let her sleep in her crate.
Surprisingly she took to it quickly, much faster than I!(Ha)
Amazingly we still do not have to go out in the middle of the night and she is now back
to sleeping in the bed(at the foot,her choice) and understands that she is not allowed to get off.
She is very active when she is outside and we take her for walks in our neighborhood often.
We are using a retractable leash on her now, which, if you have never used one
I highly recommend them!!!  I no longer have to go off the back porch to allow her
to potty which is ssooooo nice!!
As for cleaning up behind her outside, since I have a daughter who likes to practice soccer
in the backyard as well, here is a little tip...(if you are feeding your puppy dry dog food)
hose down the area where she potties and you won't have to scoop it up!
Phoebe's poop just vanishes once I hose it down..I am not sure if canned or moist food will
disintegrate like the dry or not since we don't use or recommend it.
I am sure at some point we will have to start scoopin poop and will let you know if and when!
Another huge tip!!!
I can't remember where I read it at because this is not a remedy that I dreamed up
but I sure do appreciate whoever did!
Phoebe likes to bark so I was up and down a LOT thinking that she had to go outside.
Just to find out that she wanted to play.
well..this little trick is this...tie a bell on fishing line or yarn and tie it around your doorknob
of the door you use for her to go outside and potty..and every time you take your puppy out
ring the bell and make sure she sees you doing it..try and get your puppy to ring it..
because that is what you want her to tie it so that it hangs down far enough that
she can hit it with her nose or feet..
Believe it or not but it works...Phoebe will go to that door and start ringing it like crazy!!!
My husband and family could not believe that she would do it until they actually were
there when she did it! It does take a little work but if you have a dog like our
Phoebe who likes to just come and sit at your feet and bark then this is a good alternative.
She knows that if she rings this bell then she is only going out to potty because we place her
leash on her and take her out just to do her business and then back in.
That way she doesn't just ring it all the time!
I will let her out to play about 15 minutes after she has gone out to potty just for playtime.
I only leave her out for approx.15 minutes and then I crate her for a nap.
She poops in the morning,afternoon and at night before bed.
Phoebe still does not get to run around the house without supervision(close supervision)
She hasn't had any accidents on the floor since we first brought her home so constant,close
supervision I have found is the key to success!!(and giving treats)
I have been washing Phoebe just about once every 2 weeks and I brush her every day.
I know that her hair would mat badly if I didn't. It still has a little curl to it and the hair
in the front above her eyes still is not long enough to barrette it up on top of her head, but I
 am hopeful that soon it will be or I may have to cut it.  I have not had a puppy cut
done on her because I am trying to let it grow long like the Shih-Tzu. I know that
most Shih-Tzu owners will keep theirs short but I prefer long hair on dogs. I had been trimming
her nails myself but she has become too difficult with me so I had to take her to Petsmart
and let them do it..$8.00 not too bad and she was more cooperative with them, I do still
bathe her myself she likes the bath,thank goodness!
She just went to the vet on October 12th and she weights 3.9 lbs.
I will update with any new information that I feel other parents would benefit from as it becomes
Does your Shi-Poo snort? Phoebe does often especially when she is playing.
Just want to let you know it is normal..comes from the Shih-Tzu side.

The Beginning
Phoebe's Birthday-7 July 2001
I brought Phoebe home when she was 6 weeks old.(17 August 2001)
I took her to the veterinarian that very day to make sure that she was sound.
 He gave her a good bill of health.
 Phoebe likes to sleep with me and has so from day one!
The first night I took her out 3 times and every time she went to "potty". But after that night I got her on a
 schedule and have not had to go outside at night since.
How? In the morning I take her out as soon as we get up,then she comes straight back in,
she eats and plays for about 15 minutes and then I will take her out again..she normally "potties"each time .(Never let your Shi-Poo play after they "potty" or they will get confused as to why they are there.)  I will take up her food bowl but leave her water bowl down..Once we are back in she will play for a little while and then she will be ready to nap..sometimes she does this in my lap or in her crate.
One note on potty training ..It is up to you to watch your puppy while she is on the floor..Never!Never! spank your puppy when she does have an accident,Never!Never! rub your puppies nose in her accidents.This sort of action does Not teach your puppy to not go on the floor!!!  And Never let her see you clean up her accident!!
I also give Phoebe a treat every time she goes outside and I give her tons of praise every time!
Shi-Poos, we have found are  very loving dogs. They like to be with their human all the time so don't ever put your baby in a room alone..if you must crate her then place the crate near you.
When we have to leave the house I have not left Phoebe alone in her crate for more than 2 hours..and this seems to have worked out well..I have read that you never leave a dog crated for more than 8 hrs.and that you add and hour per every month old
2mth = 2 hrs
3mth = 3 hrs
and so on... never to exceed 8 hrs total.
I use the same word each time she goes out "potty" it doesn't matter which she is doing, it will work for either or both. And on the way to the door I always say "outside" several times . You can use any word you like but be consistent and use it always..You would be amazed at what a difference it will make!
If you catch your young baby starting to have an accident then yell out an "AAAACCCCKKKK" or an "AAAANNNNKKKK" and then grab her and take her outside to finish..
Of course you will still give praise if she finishes outside but if nothing happens just be silent to her and if she has an accident and you don't catch her...remove her from the room without saying anything to her and clean her mess up!!! Shi-Poos want to make you happy so by you not praising her and not getting a treat she will learn that she did something that didn't make you happy.
I will be updating this page as Phoebe grows..Please click below
to be notified when I do so...thanks

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