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This site was created because I could not
 find any information on our baby.
Her name is Phoebe!
  She is a Shi-Poo.    
That means she is part Shih-Tzu and part Poodle.
In Phoebe's case her mother is a black & white
 Shih-Tzu and her dad is a chocolate toy Poodle.
I was very disappointed that the internet had really no info on Shi-Poos.
I will try to correct this
 and have as much on here as possible
to help all Shi-Poo moms and dads out there in web land.

!See important notices below!
Updated Sept 02 Updated Sept 02
See photos of our vacations with Phoebe!
!!!We WENT to the BEACH!!!
April 27th
(Click above for photos)
Click on Vacationing Shi-Poo
Phoebe is looking for a boyfriend!
If interested please E-mail us if you live
in the state of Georgia and send a photo
of prospective beau!

Phoebe says it's a dog's life ,everyday!

Please click above logo to enter
my special friend Samson's web site!
You will find it lots of fun!

Looking for Shi-Poos

If you know of any breeders please e-mail me!
There are potential moms and dads looking to adopt!!

I want everyone to know that I DO NOT support
puppy mills or puppy wholesalers.
I think they are mean, vicious,horrible beings!
And if the law of our land can't shut them down
... I would purchase a puppy from one of these in order to
save the life of a canine baby if I ever came across one
and were searching for a new addition to our family.
This is my choice as an individual .
You have to make up your own mind.

Breeder in Northern Kentucky,Corinth,Kentucky-name-Ginny Gillispie
Breeder in Nebraska-kennel is called Tulleys
I have been informed that this operation is a wholesaler.
Please check and make sure that the parents of puppy are on the premises
before you purchase a pup from here!
Breeder in Tennesse-McMinnville, Tennessee 37110,
 Their phone is 931-934-2963.

Updated Site Alerts

Mind-it is no longer available so I will send an e-mail to everyone who's e-mail
I have. If you wish to not have it sent to you please e-mail me and let me know.
I will remove your name from my address list.
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  Phoebe's Mom
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